We Get It, The Book Was Better

“So what did you think of the movie?” “Well…I guess it was okay, but the book was better.” This is the most insufferable kind of person to watch a movie or TV show with because all you want to do is talk about the movie and this pretentious asshat won’t shut up about how the […]

We Get It, You Play Guitar

You know who you are, Guitar Guy at the Party. Everyone’s hanging out and having a good time, and then you pull out a guitar from god knows where and start playing the opening riff from Dave Matthews Band’s “Satellite.” You think you look soft and sensitive and that your only intention is to bring […]

We Get It, You Love Bacon

Attention Americans: the bacon obsession is getting to be a bit much. Don’t get me wrong–it’s absolutely delicious, but this diehard dedication to a pork product is starting to feel like some people are using it as a whole personality. Additionally, this fanatical dedication to bacon usually comes up in conversation as a response to […]

We Get It, You’re Vegan

When you think of people who won’t shut up about something, one of the first types of people who come to mind are vegans. It brings to mind mental images of malnourished white people roaming around farmers markets while loudly screaming about animal rights at anyone in shrieking range. Honestly though…the vegans I know don’t […]


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